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How we helped client to 76% increase in Website Page Views

76% increase in Website Page Views
Rizal Dahalan

"Netizen helped the team to understand the user’s online behaviour better through various UX research and testing methodology. The findings allow us to build more user centric and optimized digital channel."

Rizal Dahalan

Digital Manager - Talent Corp


Client wanted to revamp the site as the previous homepage suffers from high bounce rate. During user testing phase, one of the key findings was that users generally misunderstood what they could achieve on this website.


  • Users are consuming more information on the website as the page views increased by 76%.
  • More returning visitors. Returning customer now represents approximately 33% (increased by 10%) of website traffic.
  • Reduce Marketing Cost. They have maintained the same number of page views despite reducing advertising expenses in driving traffic to the website.

What We've Done

User Testing session on initial site, wireframe, prototype and the revamped site. Not only we helped our clients to uncover key usability issues, but also ensured that client was building the right thing along the way when user testing was conducted across different stages of product development. During the testing on previous version of the site, it is identified that most users misunderstood about the main objective of the site, which directly ruined their entire experience.  User testing was later conducted on the revamped site to validate the effectiveness of the new site design. Users are now able to perform tasks easier and faster.

User Testing Session
Tree Testing

Card Sorting & Tree Testing on initial site and revamped sites, we evaluated the information architecture of the site to uncover the findability issues of the site. The information architecture of the site is highly correlate with its usability. For instance, when a user set out to find information they had in their mind, they will attempt to find it and abandon the site if they don’t find it. All the other information will be ignored as if as the site is a blank site. Results from user testing proved that users are now able to look for the right information without much hassle.

User Research such as User Interview, Persona Creation, User Journey Mapping & more. We conducted in-depth interviews with the users to study their interaction and behaviour before, during & after using the site. Thus, we gained a concrete understanding about pain points faced by the users and more importantly the opportunities associated with the product.

User Research

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