Our Clients

We provide analytics and user experience consultancy to clients ranging from agencies, MNCs, businesses, government agencies and start-ups all around Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and more as well as U.S., U.K. and Europe. Our projects comprise various industries, including e-commerce, media, entertainment, banking/financial services, telecommunications and education.

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Some of our Case Studies

AIG Case Study

AIG Travel Insurance

Revamp + Tech Development + Security+ Analytics


AIG website’s legacy user interface made it difficult for users to complete their purchase, resulting in high abandonment rate.


Based on the user insights and data gathered, we reimagine how the new digital platform can streamline the insurance buying experience, from comparing, decision making, paying to receiving the insurance cover. The new website increased conversion rate by 30% when launched.

Scope of Work:

  • User research & design
  • Custom development and integration to existing payment and policy issuance system
  • On-going analytics measurement & optimization
  • Product roadmap planning 
Google Case Study


UX+ Analytics


Google tasked us to help their APAC clients on improving the usability and conversion of their digital platforms such as website to mobile apps. The consulting clients range from fintech, transportation to ecommerce industry.


We review the user experience of key industry leader’s digital platform on their best practices. We also audited how their own digital platform user experience faired in comparison to their competitors, so that areas of improvement can be addressed.

Scope of Work:

  • UX audit
  • Analysis of analytics data
  • Stakeholder Workshop
Sunway Case Study

Sunway Medical Centre



Sunway Medial Center offers patients a variety of medical services. Potential patient is usually confronted with a large amount of service type and information, where they find it challenging to find the information they want quickly.


User research was conducted to understand how user find information. We engaged with target audiences to understand deeply on how they go about looking for medical services when the need arises. 

Our insights help guide the experience design of information browsing, how information is displayed and organized, so that it caters to multiple ways that a user can discover the information, making the website architecture easier to use and patients can book appointment quicker.

Scope of Work:

  • User research
  • Information architecture design research

Some of our clients testimonials

They are agile and have great ability to work around problems on the testing days. It was my first time seeing how real customers use our platform and it gave me a lot of unique insights into how our customers use our platform and how we can make it better for them.

This help to achieve a lot of quick wins. I would recommend them anytime.

Peter Wong

Group Product Manager, iCar Asia

The customer is king. What we as owners thought, was really not what our readers wanted or liked.

They did a great job getting real asian users to usability test our site with their video feedback technology. We now have a better idea where to focus on our technology resources in order to develop stuff our readers really want!

Pramesh Chandran

Founder & CEO, MalaysiaKini

Thank you Netizen for helping us with a usability testing project to get better understanding with how users use our iProperty Android & iPhone apps

The feedback and post-analysis provided was valuable in shaping how we approached a new redesign of our native apps and mobile web site.

Michael Ong

UX Lead, iProperty

Netizen helped the team to understand the user’s online behaviour better thru various UX research and testing methodology. The findings allow us to build more user centric and optimized digital channel.

Rizal Dahalan

Digital Manager, TalentCorp

As an NGO, it is very important for information to be disseminated clearly to the public, especially on cancer awareness and education. The testings conducted by Netizen provided much needed feedback for us to improve our website.

Rubi-Ain Dahlan

Managing Director, Cancer Society

It was eye opening to see how a bit of User Experience (UX) testing can find major problems with a website. You did a great job demonstrating how something simple like a menu may seem so obvious to us, but can quite confusing or annoying to everyone else.

Now I realize that I need to do some UX testing in order to understand how I can keep my customers happy

Toby Patterson

Executive Director, Moolah E-Commerce