What is User Testing?

Every great product has gone through continuous cycle of user testing. User testing reveals how your users actually respond to your website, app, service and system.

It is difficult to predict what people will do during the actual use, therefore it is important that we observe their usage behavior and discover the barriers that stop them from completing their task. Our testing focuses on how easy for them to use your product, why do they get lost and whether they understand your product value proposition.

We record the video of all our testing sessions for analysis. Our report will include list of issues, recommendations coupled with priority ratings and video highlights of the key issues faced by users.

“Analytics tell you HOW it happened, we tell you WHY

We have tested on virtually everything from:

    • Websites (even competitors)
    • Wireframes & Prototypes
    • Mobile / Tablet Sites & Apps
    • E-commerce sites
    • Softwares
    • Games
    • Physical shop environment (from prototype to the final design before public launch)

    We can carry out test at any location from a user testing lab, your office, the user’s home, at the shop, or even over the internet. Our team does not just conduct user testing on your product, but also focus on researching and recommending practical solution/fix to the issues found.

    Our User Testing Services

    In Person Usability Testing

    We help you to recruit the users, plan and run the testing session. We can either conduct the testing in the lab or we can go to their users at their home or workplace. Usability testing session is a great way to watch how users actually use your product be it website or physical product. It is just like how you will look over a user’s shoulder. From usability studies, we measure whether users are able to complete a set of tasks when using your product and what problems they faced. We also video record the entire session for further analysis such as measuring how long they take to do a task, what is their satisfaction level when using your product.

    Online Usability Testing

    Online usability testing is similar to conducting in person usability testing. However, sometimes a client project requires quicker testing results. In this case, we will use online usability testing software so that users from all over the country are able to participate in our testing session without coming to our lab in person. More over, remote testing allows user to conduct testing at their comfortable environment (e.g. home). We help to set up the software with the users, facilitate run the entire testing and analyze where users are having problems when using your product.

    A/B Testing & Multi-Variant Testing

    Unsure which design is going to perform better? We can help to set up and run A/B testing to find out which design is more commercially effective. We use either analytic or user testing software to conduct quantitative and qualitative A/B testing. This ensures that we always have the best performing design shown to the users and continuously improve for long term. Having more than 2 designs in mind? No worries, we are able to help to set up multi-variant testing for more than 2 designs.

    Competitor Testing & Benchmarking

    We are able to get insights from your competitor even if you are unsure of their internal performance numbers. Knowing what works or not, it allows you to be one step ahead of your competitor and not a follower.We can conduct usability testing on any competitor products as long as they are accessible on the Internet. We do not require any code set up for testing on your competitor website or app. With the competitor testing insights, we can benchmark your product experience with the opponent’s, and see clearly where you are lacking and where you are doing well.

    Guerilla Testing

    In order to get really quick prototype tested, we intercept the public to conduct 5 minutes testing. This could happen in coffee shop, cafeteria, office lobby, shopping mall etc.

    User Acceptance Test (UAT)

    User acceptance testing (UAT) is the last phase of the software testing process. During UAT, test is done on the software to check that it can indeed handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, according to specifications. UAT is one of the final and critical software project procedures that must occur before newly developed software is rolled out to the market.

    Eye Tracking

    Eye tracking is an advanced technique that can pinpoint exactly where the users’ eyes are looking at and for how long. This technique is achieved by using eye tracking machines. It provides reports such as heat maps and in what orders people read information that is on a page (gaze plot). It provides numbers and data for design team to decide on which design is preferred by the users.