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“Analytics tell you HOW it happened, user testing tell you WHY

The Importance of Usability Testing

Save time

Conduct usability testing on a prototype, gauge user reactions and save valuable hours that could have been spent trying to fix the pitfalls later.

Within a user-centred design process, it helps your team to validate the product’s purpose, features at early stages.

Save $$$

Helps to prioritize designs and make smart decisions, avoiding expensive changes at a later stage.

Reap long term financial benefits when the usability testing efforts help your customers achieve their goals easily early on.

Verify your idea and reduce risk

Validate your product plan with data and real-time evidence.

Ensure that the features you build are exactly those that your customers desire.

Create a concrete product roadmap to reduce risks.

Ensure product success on launch

Deploy usability testing as an indicator for success in the real-world market. 

Identify red flags before you launch, and get clues on how easily your product can be adopted by users.

Conduct Usability Tests on Various Platforms

We have tested on virtually everything from:

      • Websites usability testing (including competitor’s website)
      • Cloud or web application user testing
      • Mobile or tablets sites user testing
      • Mobile apps user testing
      • Wireframe user testing
      • Clickable prototype user testing
      • eCommerce user testing
      • Smart TV or smart devices user testing
      • Car smart screen user testing
      • Softwares user testing
      • Physical shop environment user testing

    Our User Testing Services

    In Person Usability Testing

    We help you to recruit the representative respondents, and plan and run the testing session. We can either conduct the testing in the lab or we can go to their users at their homes or workplace.

    A usability testing session is a great way to watch how users actually use your product be it a website or physical product. It is just like how you will look over a user’s shoulder.

    From usability studies, we measure whether users are able to complete a set of tasks when using your product and what problems they faced.

    We also video record the entire session for further analysis such as measuring how long they take to do a task, and what is their satisfaction level when using your product.

    Online Usability Testing

    Online usability testing is similar to conducting in-person usability testing.

    However, sometimes a client project requires quicker testing results. In this case, we will use online usability testing software so that users from all over the country are able to participate in our testing session without coming to our lab in person.

    Moreover, remote testing allows users to conduct testing in their comfortable environment (e.g. home). We help to set up the software with the users, facilitate running the entire testing and analyze where users are having problems when using your product.

    A/B Testing & Multi-Variant Testing

    Unsure which design is going to perform better?

    We can help to set up and run A/B testing to find out which design is more commercially effective. We use either analytics or user testing software to conduct quantitative and qualitative A/B testing.

    This ensures that we always have the best performing design shown to the users and continuously improve for the long term.

    Have more than 2 designs in mind? No worries, we are able to help to set up multi-variant testing for more than 2 designs.

    Competitor Testing & Benchmarking

    We are able to get insights from your competitor even if you are unsure of their internal performance numbers.

    Knowing what works or not, allows you to be one step ahead of your competitor and not a follower. We can conduct usability testing on any competitor products as long as they are accessible on the Internet.

    We do not require any code set up for testing on your competitor’s website or app. With the competitor testing insights, we can benchmark your product experience with the opponent’s, and see clearly where you are lacking and where you are doing well.

    Guerilla Testing

    In order to get really quick prototype tested, we intercept the public to conduct 5 minutes testing. This could happen in coffee shop, cafeteria, office lobby, shopping mall etc.

    User Acceptance Test (UAT)

    User acceptance testing (UAT) is the last phase of the software testing process. During UAT, test is done on the software to check that it can indeed handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, according to specifications. UAT is one of the final and critical software project procedures that must occur before newly developed software is rolled out to the market.

    Eye Tracking

    Eye-tracking is an advanced technique that can pinpoint exactly where the users’ eyes are looking and for how long.

    This technique is achieved by using eye-tracking machines. It provides reports such as heat maps and in what order people read the information that is on a page (gaze plot). It provides numbers and data for the design team to decide on which design is preferred by the users.

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    User Testing FAQs

    What is user testing?

    User testing or usability testing is a process to evaluate a software, product or prototype. More frequently, it is used to test the functions within websites, mobile apps, or services. Usability tests are taken up by real users who provide feedback on their experience with the product. This analysis is then used to make improvements and recommendations for the product.

    What is the purpose of usability testing and its benefit?

    Usability testing helps to gather relevant and valuable insights and feedback from representative users on the applicability of a product. It provides first-hand information to business owners to decide if their product is ready for a real-world market launch.

    It helps by saving time and money which might end up being wasted if the product faces functional roadblocks after its launch.

    Usability testing provides an understanding of customer experience and provides a stage for validation of design prior to its launch.

    How much does user testing with Netizen eXperience cost?

    The cost to conduct UX testing depends on the type and complexity of the product/website/app. Our team will evaluate the details and provide you with a detailed budget plan.

    Contact us to learn more about our user experience testing pricing.

    How does user testing work?

    Usability testing primarily works as follows:

      • Determine what to test such as live website, prototype, wireframes, user journey flow, concept drawings, physical product etc. Creating a prototype.
      • Developing a test plan including details of all features to be tested.
      • Choosing a test location (remote or in-person).
      • Recruiting participants for user testing.
      • Running the test.
      • Recording and analysing the test results.

    Who needs user testing services?

    User testing services form an integral part of all design processes. Businesses involved in website designing, app development, product launch, gaming, ecommerce stores, etc are the main clients for these services.

    Usability testing is an essential component for both designers and clients to ensure that the product meets successful outcomes once launched.

    When do I need user testing services?

    User testing should be an integral part of the user-centred design process or any product development process. Ideally, it is best taken up during the preliminary phase of design, using paper-based prototypes. During the later stages, digital prototyping can be used for user testing and detailed analysis.

    What are the usability testing methods generally used?

    Our usability testing methods can be broadly classified as:

    Moderated vs unmoderated usability testing

    Moderated sessions are administered personally or remotely whereas unmoderated sessions are without direct supervision of a trained researcher.

    Remote vs in-person usability testing

    Remote tests are undertaken over the internet whereas in-person tests require the physical presence of the UX moderator.

    Explorative vs comparative vs assessment testing

      • Explorative tests, also called formative tests, is generally conducted to understand user behaviour at early design phase to inform on the next design iteration.
      • Comparative testing involves users comparing and selecting one of the two design solutions.
      • Assessment testing, also referred to as summative testing, focuses on measuring if users are able to complete specific tasks or fail to do so.

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