Netizen Experience

UX Lab

User Testing Facility for User Interviews & Usability Testing

We can test different kinds of products, including digital products (your website & mobile app), and physical products (e.g smart appliances, smart TV), no matter if it’s live, in staging or if it’s a prototype in our user testing lab.

Our in-house user test lab with one-way mirror and observation room is the perfect facility to run focus group interviews, in-depth user interviews, user testing, usability testing and other qualitative user research methods.

Our test lab comprises of two rooms: the testing room and observation room separated by a one-way mirror. We have built this space to professionally test your product in order for you to gain a better understanding of how users experience your website/mobile app. This will help you fix any UX or usability problems that are causing abandonment or frustration.

UX Lab

Interested to run a study at our user testing lab? Please contact us.

Test / Interview Room

We customize the user test lab setup based on your exact needs, we can conduct user interviews and usability testing.

Our equipment is designed to capture on-screen video for video editing and post processing—so that each usability testing session is documented and recorded.

Remote usability testing is available upon request. If needed, we can travel to your location and set up a temporary user testing lab.

Observation room

You can watch the participant’s screen whether it’s on desktop, mobile or tablet & observe their facial expressions via picture-in-picture face camera throughout user interview and usability testing sessions.

We have comfortable chairs, beverages & snacks. It is an ideal place for taking notes, or just watching and listening.

Interview Moderator

Our experienced moderators can assist you to conduct user testing sessions in Malay, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Test Recordings

Our test facility is equipped with high-end video and audio equipment to observe and record your user interview or user testing session.

Simultaneous Translation

If your team does not speak the local language, we can provide translator to translate the user testing session in real-time.

Participant Recruitment

We can help to recruit users from your target audience and conduct the usability tests and user interviews, to observe their behaviours & interactions with your product to identify problem areas.

Analysis & Reporting

Our team of user researchers can provide you with a detailed report & findings (including videos of the sessions), as well as actionable recommendations for short and long term fixes to correct the problem areas.

Kuala Lumpur Facility Location

Our testing facility is located at a convenient location, connected directly to the Subang Jaya train station (2 major lines exchange station, 5 minutes walking distance to our lab). This allows for participants to travel to our testing facility easily via public transport, we also have ample parking space should they wish to drive, and it is also a popular location to order e-hailing service (taxi or Grab car).

From Kuala Lumpur City Center: 23 mins drive to the heart of the city

From Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport: 10 mins drive

From Kuala Lumpur International Airport: 40 mins drive, which connects 95% of international flights to Kuala Lumpur

Interested to run a study at our lab?