UX Design

Our design approach is evidence driven, where we rely heavily on the data and user research insights to help us design.

We continue to user test and validate our design even at very early stage such as prototypes and mockups. It may be tough to know the truth of how your design actually performs in front of user, but it helps our client to get better design results. it is better to know early and make revision rather than not knowing.

“Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

Our UX Design Services

Interaction Design - Mockup / Wireframe / Prototype

Great user interface designs do not just happen. It requires a lot of attention on how users use a system, website, mobile page to its functions. We call this usage “interaction” and we help you to design that interaction so that your users can have an easy experience interacting with your website, app or even a kiosk. Our team can design the layout of a single page web page to a complex multi-step transaction. We will produce clickable prototypes quickly based on your user and business research. For websites and most digital interfaces, that means creating low fidelity wireframes that we can test with users quickly and make changes to get it right before any development takes place.

Visual Design
Appealing visual design also helps to deliver a good user experience because first impression counts. The look and feel of you website, app or system is what the users will judge upon. More importantly, we need to maintain a careful balance of usability and beautiful design because users will still leave if the system is not easy to use. Visual design usually only implemented at the end of the design process. At the early part of the design process, we understand your business goals, conduct user research and interaction design. We will also run user testing on the visual designs to make sure that the visual elements still allow the users to complete their task easily and quickly. It must be easy to use as well as pleasing to the eyes.
Information Architecture
Information Architecture (IA) is the backbone of every successful website. It defines how content is labeled and how it is structured. User will be able to find what they are looking for easily when content is arranged in an intuitive structure. Poor information architecture frustrates and turns users away. We help you to design an information structure that balances your business needs and also satisfies your customers’ needs.
Front End Development (CSS/HTML)
From our past experience working on other projects, we know that sometimes code and design might have a mismatch. Therefore, we also work closely with our coding capable designers to ensure the front end development of the website, app or system is delivered to be as beautiful as the intended visual design. We also user test the developed front end to ensure the design and experience is in line with user needs and business goals. This is because we believe that the best possible experience can only be achieved when technology is also being implemented with customer at the heart.
Co-design Workshops
The benefit of this collaborative approach is to help stakeholders to identify the many potential design concepts early on in the design process. We often involve the domain knowledge experts for that product/project so that we get access to their insights and limitations as well. When stakeholders are asked to put themselves in the user’s point of view, it will challenge their thinking to evaluate design against business goals and user needs, allowing the best concepts to be selected for next iteration.
Mobile Interface Design & Responsive Design
With the introduction of different technology device also brings with it different challenges. Your users are accessing your website, app or system through desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Based on understanding your business goals and user behaviour research, we will together decide with our client the best mobile approach, whether that be an a standalone mobile interface design, a fully mobile responsive design, a web app or a native app. The key is to understand what is your user’s behaviour, for example, it is common for users to use mobile phone to browse for products to buy, but they will use their desktop to conduct the purchase. This allows you to focus on different things for the mobile design and desktop design. We also focus on user testing for mobile and tablet design to validate our design because users uses your system differently due to smaller and differing screen sizes.
Service Design
A great service is not an accident. It is carefully crafted to give the best possible user experience for your customers. However, your customers may not just interact with your business for just one time. For example, a bank, telecommunication provider or insurance, customers have multiple interactions with your staff, online website to telephone support. Every project is different, in order to plan for the best end-to-end service, we will need to tailor our approach. We will first understand your current experience of your customers, mapping out the best possible customer experience by taking into account the customer’s pain points and business service gaps.