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In the fast-paced digital economy, important metrics need to be measured in order to understand how your customers actually interact with your product. It is important to understand the business goals so that the relevant tracking mechanism can be set up to monitor all incoming interaction data generated by the users.

Your customers interact with different touch points of your business, such as websites, mobile apps, social media networks and physical stores. You will want to track all platforms and touchpoints to understand and optimize your customer experience to yield better sales and customer loyalty.

Our team regularly needs to deal with different types of data sources from web traffic analytics, customers’ complaint call logs, heat maps and etc. In order to make sense of these data to produce valuable insights for a better conversion strategy, we also need a good understanding of the human experience and behavioral science.

You just cannot optimize your sales but create a bad experience for your customers.

These user interactions and behaviour data help businesses to make strategic decisions more accurately. Our analytics team will also help you to balance the long-term benefits and short-term goals during your decision-making process.

Our analytics service would include the software tool cost, so you have one less thing to worry about.


Need Data Analytics & Optimization for your business?

“What Is Not Measured Cannot Be Managed Or Improved”

The Importance Of Data Analytics & Optimization

Understanding site audience

Make informed business decisions by knowing who your site visitors are, their web behavior, interests, age, demographics, etc.

Informed decision making

Make strong and better decisions to minimize financial losses. Use A/B testing to choose the best product offerings, content and marketing tactics.

Data refining and reporting

Organize and refine your data for better visual presentation and easy understanding by people coming from different parts of your organization (from the CEO to the marketing executive).

Track the metrics that matter

Single platform to generate detailed tracking reports for all your important metrics such as conversion rate, outbound links, top referrals, best selling products for eCommerce, total revenue, etc.

Enhancing user experience (UX)

Improve your UX based on user behaviour traffic data (such as drop off rate, which page in the conversion process they abandoned the process etc)

Improving website’s SEO

Track and identify issues like slow page loading speed, landing page reports, impressions, clicks,  Click-Through Rate, etc. 

Create targeted content to improve visibility on search engines.

Our Data Analytics & Optimization Service list

User Behaviour Analytics

Our user behaviour analytics focus on e-commerce platforms, online games, and web applications. We capture usage patterns, navigational path, clicks to conversion, time spend and etc. when the users are using your product. These data points allow us to extrapolate, predict and determine future trends.

Our team takes a more human view of the data collected because the user experience is not just about numbers but also behaviors and emotions. All data points are compiled and analyzed, whether by looking at what other products a customer has looked at before the purchase or by looking at what they have purchased before. 

We connect individual data points to tell you not only what is happening but also how and why it is happening.

Conversion Funnel Analytics & Sales Performance Tracking

We help many conventional businesses and their e-commerce platforms to track their performance. 

We will track their customers who go through either internet advertising or search engines, navigate their e-commerce website and finally convert it into a sale. The funnel is broken down into multiple steps, and each step will be monitored closely for opportunities for optimization.

Heatmap for User Behavior

Complementing the use of digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, heatmaps make it easy to see how people interact with website pages visually — especially how they move their mouse around the screen and what items they click on, scroll through or forget about.

This aids decisions in site optimization and improving the user experience (UX). Our heatmap service includes setting up heatmap monitoring software, analysis, reporting and recommendation.

Social Media Analytics

Facebook, Twitter and many more social media networks are where your customers are posting their wishes and comments about your brand. This is also where you will be doing marketing campaigns to attract customers. 

It is crucial we measure what people are saying about your brand and also how effective is your marketing campaign on these social media networks. We can put in place the tracking mechanism and monitor the best-performing campaigns and customer sentiments towards your product. 

Armed with these data, you will be able to interact with your customers with the right message that addresses their concerns. These user data will also become a foundation for future social media strategy and benchmarking.

Cross Platform Analytics

As mobile device usage is increasing, tracking usage data for desktops is not enough. More so if you also have a mobile app for iOS and Android. You might also have a mobile website or smartwatch app. 

These are all your customers facing touch points, and they all reside on different platforms. In order to get all these usage data, we will have to set up a tracking mechanism for all platforms so that we can analyze them together for valuable insights.

Loading Speed Analysis & Browser Performance

Users leave your site when it does not load quickly. They are frustrated with slow loading pages. Loading speed is a key element in creating a positive user experience and sale conversion. Our team helps you to test, track, and monitor your website loading speed to ensure it operates at peak efficiency.

As your customers may be using different internet browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera etc.) to access your website or mobile website, it is crucial that your site is optimized to present the best possible experience for different browsers.

Depth Interview

Our user researcher conducts in-depth interviews with users of the targeted demographic. 

Interviews allow us to understand deeply about the user’s pain point and their needs. An in-person interview usually takes an hour to complete with each user. These insights empower us to design a solution that will actually solve their problem rather than just look pretty.

Data Analytics  & Optimization FAQ

What is Data Analytics and Optimization?

Data analytics and optimization use extensive data sets, optimization techniques and computer models to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

What are the benefits of Data Analytics And Optimization?

Data analytics tools and optimization techniques help businesses to analyze their performance and optimize future processes as well as strategies. This further provides them with a competitive advantage.

Other benefits include improving work efficiency, keeping updated on customer behavioural changes, and improving the quality of services by a business.

What are the examples of Data Analytics?

Some real-world examples of data analytics come from industries and brands in manufacturing operations, information systems, supply chains, logistic systems, retail, financial decision making, healthcare systems, social networks, fraud detection services, customer relationship management, etc.

In the digital space, we are seeing more data analytics being deployed to measure digital coversion funnel on various websites/apps, so that analysis can be done on those data to identify optimization opportunities. 

How much does Data Analytics And Optimization Service cost?

The cost of data analytics and optimization services depends on the complexity of the project at hand. Contact us to learn more about our data analytics pricing.

How long does it take to conduct Data Analytics?

The project length can depend on the data volume, processing time and other factors. It may take anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months.

Need Data Analytics & Optimization for your business?