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Converting user insight into useful marketing data via UX

Hong Leong

User Experience Consultancy. Web Strategy, Analytics, Design & Development.

Why Invest in UX (User Experience)?

Whether you're a product manager, marketer, designer, developer or policy maker from any industry, there are lots of reasons to look into UX of your product and services. Good UX gives you a competitive advantage and helps to achieve your organizational goals.

Advantages of good UX:

  •  Less Support & Training

  •  Greater Marketing ROI

  •  Higher Sales or Conversion

  •  Reduced Development Cost

  •  Improved User Satisfaction

UX is our DNA: evidence based approach for building better digital products

More than just a UX agency, we're an award winning UX research & strategy consulting firm in Asia, aspires to improve user experience of the world by empowering everyone to build user-centric products through our innovation tools & approaches. We've been providing expertise to enterprises in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & Philippines.