Comprehensive UX Strategy Agency & Planning Services in South East Asia

Our UX strategy framework resolves business issues to drive engagement and amplify growth

Our journey initiates through a collaboration with the product owners to develop a vision that resonates with the team. This helps us create UX metrics and benchmarks to track progress and UX issues faced by the customers. 

Build products, websites and content that caters to excellent user experience and leaves your customers wanting to come back for more!

Need UX Strategy & Planning for your business?

“Strong planning and focused strategy are the pillars of our work”

The Importance Of UX Strategy & Planning

Aligning your brand identity with the best user experience- that’s the objective.

Aligns your company goals with user needs

This helps plan for time and resources throughout the process.

Connects all user touchpoints

Visualise the way users will interact with your products.

Alignment of understanding

Ensures all design team members understand the user, their pain points and needs, so that they can strive to deliver the best user experience.

Measure right success metrics

Gauge the effect of your design decisions to continue moving in the right direction.

Our UX Strategy & Planning Services

Stakeholder Interviews & Workshop
We facilitate stakeholder workshop to help people from different parts of the business to collaborate, share ideas and uncover different solutions. Through workshops, we listen to stakeholders because their requirements will influence the project outcome. The insights we get from workshop also help us to align the user research strategy with your business.
Vision Development
Through collaborating with the product owners, we help to form vision for the project team. A clear vision helps the entire team to focus in fulfilling their objectives, winning buy-ins from management and help project road mapping planning.
Customer Journey Mapping

We help you to map where your target audience is headed, how they interact with your business and what a good experience looks like for your customers. By understanding your customer’s expectation, you will be able to build website, service or product that caters to their needs. Map where you’re headed, how to get there, and what success looks like with a clear website, experience, product, or service strategy.

Framework to Measure User Experience & Commercial Success
What gets measured gets improved. Based on your business goals and the solution, we will come up with metrics to measure the user experience and the factors that contribute to better conversion. This will align your team on the same mission in making a better product or service when everyone on the team knows clearly what is being measured and what are the goals.
Product & Content Strategy

Our evidence-based approaches ensure that your team is building the right product by achieving a balance in business, design and technology. Good user experience for a website or app is highly dependent on having content that is valuable to users, and not just what the business wants to sell. A homepage with all the information is not a content strategy. If you provide relevant information that can satisfy the user’s needs, they will consume more of your content, and even come back more often. Based on research, we are able to help you craft the content strategy that can balance your business goals and user needs.

Competitive & Industry Analysis

We are able to get insights from your competitor even if you are unsure of their internal performance numbers. Knowing what works or not, it allows you to be one step ahead of your competitor and not a follower. We conduct multifaceted research to study business performance of competitor or industry.

UX Training

We conduct training on UX methods to empower teams with necessary skill set and knowledge to execute UX practices on their own. We’ve been conducted training for enterprises, startups, universities and government agencies.

Why Work With Us?

We know how important to have a plan before design begins

We take pride in our team of UX design strategists and planners. 

We care deeply about your business KPIs

Whether working with new websites or established brands, our mission is to create a UX plan that aligns with your business strategy, provides you with a competitive edge, and adds to your revenue streams.

We value collaboration

Our UX strategy and planning team works in close collaboration with the UX design personnel and the UX research consultants to make informed decisions that lead to successful designs!

Leveraging on our international experience

Our multilingual team, plus our experience in cross-border projects, helps us to understand your customers, their expectations and their journey. Our UX experts provide an unbiased perspective of critical UX problems along with design and technology recommendations to resolve them.

UX Strategy & Planning FAQs

What is UX Strategy?

UX strategy provides a thorough plan to match the company’s brand identity with the required user experience. To put it simply, it is the idea behind a product. It includes plans, principles, benchmarks, performance indicators and the main approaches that the team may need to take to design the product.

How can UX Strategy & Planning help my business?

UX strategies can help your business to create a consistent experience at each user touchpoint. This further leads to increased customer satisfaction, brand awareness and higher engagement plus sales.

Strategies also help align various teams working on designing a product. They may be the joining link between the UX research team, UX designers and consultants.

How long does it take to produce a UX Strategy?

This depends on the complexity of the project at hand. However, it may take a team anywhere between 2-3 months to prepare a comprehensive UX strategy.

What are the core elements of a UX strategy?

Following are the defining ingredients of a UX strategy:

  • Business strategy
  • Product metrics
  • Competitor research and benchmarking
  • User research
  • Persona creation using behavioural segmentation
  • Interaction modelling
  • Analytics
How much does UX Strategy & Planning cost?

The cost to prepare a UX strategy depends on the complexity of the product/website/app. Contact us to learn more about our UX strategy pricing.

What are your UX Strategy & Planning methods?

The methods, techniques and tools deployed by our UX strategists include:

  • Service design
  • Touchpoint design
  • Customer journey workshops
  • Creating design libraries
  • Defining user personas
  • UX benchmarks
  • Defining performance indicators and product metrics
  • Communication plans