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Recruiting respondents for qualitative & quantitative studies for usability test, online survey, interviews to building bespoke online community in Asia

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Respondent Recruitment in Southeast Asia
“Recruit participants that are representative of your target users, they have an irreplaceable value in having true motives and mindsets.”

Markets That We Recruit Respondents From

One Stop for Online and Offline Respondent Recruitment in Southeast Asia

Our recruiting team has supported many recruitment projects for offline and online studies.

We have access to an international audience database that we recruit from to participate in your study. We are primarily recruiting in South East Asia and its neighboring markets (markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand).

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Our Respondent Recruitment Services

We focus on recruiting high-quality participants, screening every single person we recruit as we believe that high-quality participants yield high-quality research. You will get real people that represent your real users, not focus group professionals.


We’ll take care of the entire recruitment process in 10 business days.


Service Checklist

Our respondent recruitment service includes:

  • A dedicated and experienced project manager
  • Comprehensive briefing call with client to fully understand respondent screener criteria.
  • Screening shortlisted participants and conduct quality check.
  • Scheduling the shortlisted & qualified participants, as well as backups.
  • Liaison with the participants and reminders.
  • Our recruitment expert will assist the participants throughout the entire study: receiving them before the study to help them sign in/register, to be on standby during the study, and to see them off after their session is concluded.

Rest assured, you will be updated and consulted throughout the respondent recruitment process to ensure we’re on the right track.

How We Recruit Respondents?

We utilise various methods to find the right respondents for you

  • Recruiting from existing customer database
  • Local and international panel network
  • Surveys via email campaigns
  • Hosting survey invitations on client’s web homepage
  • Respondent-driven sampling surveys (RDS)
  • Using online community platforms
  • Social media shares
Respondent Recruitment Methods

Why Work With Us?

We Are Researchers Ourselves

We are Netizen eXperience – a user experience consultancy specializing in UX studies and research methods ranging from offline to online user research. We know firsthand how important it is to have high-quality participants, and how frustrating and time-consuming it can be when research is conducted with wrong participants. Which is why we have dedicated ourselves to finding the right participants for the sake of high-quality research.

Furthermore, we can help you build your own bespoke panel, a dedicated panel of participants for quick and easy access.

Industry Diversity

Our respondent recruitment experience includes working with various industries, ranging from B2B, finance, education, B2C, healthcare, and more. As a result, our respondent recruitment team coupled with our industry relationships help us identify the right respondents for your qualitative and quantitative studies. 

We Are Platform Agnostic

We can work with any web platform that clients wish to use for their quantitative or qualitative research process, be it Zoom, Teams, Survey Monkey etc.

Translation & Transcription Service

We’re also able to provide translation services, and recordings of the research sessions (such as in-depth interview to usability test).

Additional Research Service Available

If you need more than just recruitment services for the project you have in mind, Netizen eXperience also has an expert team of multi-lingual user researchers for moderation, report writing, research design and presentation of findings to assist you.

We also have a UX Lab for hire, the UX lab is connected to an observation room using a one-way mirror.

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Respondent Recruitment FAQs

How do you get me the right respondent?

Depending on the market and target user profile that you are targetting, we leverage on our existing audience database as well as working with various global recruiting partners to compliment our efforts to find your target user. 

I would like to recruit research participants across a few markets in Asia, is that supported?

We have access to local and international audience database to participate in your study. 

We are primarily recruiting from South East Asia and its neighboring markets (markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand).

How do you manage the market research respondent recruitment process to ensure quality respondents?

We have dedicated project manager to help you set your respondent screener criteria, which our recruiters can use it to filter and qualify potential respondent. For qualitative study, screening calls are done to provide another level of quality check.

What if I need research services on top of respondent recruitment?

Apart from helping you to recruit respondents, if needed we can support you on end-to-end research services including discussion guide analysis, screener writing and review, scheduling, creating participation guidelines for interviews, reporting, mobile research and online studies.

What technology or devices can the respondent use?

Our respondent recruitment expertise includes the use of webcams, laptops/desktop and mobile devices. 

We ensure that your respondents meet the requisite tech requirements and ready to hit the race, running!

Need Respondent Recruitment Services?