End to End User Research Services in Indonesia

Observing, understanding & solving user pain points

“Good design only comes when it is informed by good research.”

At Netizen Experience, we are committed to delivering insights that resonate with the diverse and dynamic Indonesian market. Our team is rooted in the cultural, linguistic, and technological nuances of Indonesia, ensuring that our UX research is both comprehensive and contextual.

Multilingual Expertise

Our consultants are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English, bridging the gap between global innovations and local experiences. We are adept at navigating the linguistic diversity of Indonesia, ensuring that you receive insights that are inclusive and representative.

Tailored Research Methods

We employ customised research tools and methodologies that are fine-tuned to your target Indonesian audience. Our strategies are rooted in a deep understanding of the local user behaviours, preferences, and challenges, ensuring that you get actionable and relevant insights.

Cross-Border Studies in Asia

While we have extensive experience conducting studies in Indonesia, this is also complemented by our experience across Asia. This regional perspective enriches our insights, offering you a balanced view that is both locally nuanced and globally informed.

Analytics and Optimisation

Harness our expertise in analytics and optimisation tools to refine and enhance the user experience tailored for the Indonesian audience.

Need User Research Services in Indonesia?

Importance of User Research in Indonesia

Cultural Diversity

Indonesia is home to a rich tapestry of cultures. User research unveils the intricate user behaviours and preferences shaped by this diversity.

Digital Growth

With a booming digital economy, insights into the online user experience are pivotal for businesses targeting Indonesia.

User Preferences

Indonesian users have distinct preferences and expectations. User research is key to unveiling and addressing these unique needs.

Market Complexity

Navigating the complex Indonesian market requires data-driven insights. User research provides the clarity needed to innovate and succeed.

Customer Satisfaction

Research to understand the information that’s vital to the local Indonesian audience.

Increase ROI

Helps increase user productivity, and decreases user errors and user support to overall save on costs.

Our UX Research Consultants for Indonesia

Our team of user research consultants are equipped to offer insights that are both deep and locally relevant. With proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia, we ensure that our research is comprehensive and inclusive.

We employ the latest tools and methodologies, delivering insights that are actionable and forward-looking. Our strategies are tailored, ensuring that every insight is aligned with the specific needs and goals of your business in Indonesia.

Our User Research Services in Indonesia

User research methods are either qualitative (based on behavioural assessment and observation) or quantitative (based on numerical data and statistics) in nature.
Qualitative Research Methods

Depth Interview

Our user researcher conducts in depth interview with users of the targeted demographic. Interviews allow us to understand deeply about the user’s pain point and their needs.

In-person interview usually takes an hour to complete with each user.

These insights empower us to design a solution that will actually solve their problem rather than just looking pretty.

UX Audit

When a sanity check is needed on your design, our team of usability professionals can review and tell you how usable your system really is.

We will review different areas of your system ranging from navigation, how information is organized and presented, whether users can complete the key tasks easily.

It does not stop there, we will also suggest fast, low cost ways to improve your system usability.

Persona / Customer Journey Map

Based on research and your validating with your business team, we help you to define your target user’s needs, pain points, attitudes as well as behaviors.

Personas help to put a face and name to represent the collective needs of your users. Persona helps to keep design focus on the needs of the users.

Card Sorting (Information Architecture)

We study how users group similar information together in order to build an intuitive navigation menu and information architecture.

We put the users through testing different navigation structure to see which performs better.

In-the-field Research & Observations

Field studies allow you to see firsthand how your users actually use your system in their normal environment, where they are delighted or where they are disappointed.

Sometimes, there is just no other way to do it such as testing a new in-car navigation design or setting up in-home broadband TV service.

Diary Studies

Your system may require the users to use it for a period of time to familiarize. Diary studies help to collect the thoughts, actions, feelings from your target users, recorded as they happen.

This allows us to understand the natural behavior of the users and provides very good insights for UX strategy planning.

Task Modelling

Task modelling helps to define how our system or website should perform in order to reach the user’s goals. We build the task model of your product based on the user requirements that we got from user interview, research and user testing.

For example, it is quite common for users to make adjustment of their online shopping cart. This adjustment action may take one step or multiple steps depending on the complexity of the purchase.

The user may also go back and forth on the purchase decision.

Our task models show the business stakeholders what their system will need to do support the users through these steps (be it building a feature like wish list or to do list).

Focus Group / User Workshop

This includes creating a controlled environment for discussions with a user group. The goal is to generate insights into user attitudes, behaviour, and needs.
Quantitative Research Methods

Online Surveys

Discover quickly who are the people using your system and what they really like and dislike by doing user survey.

Survey is great if you don’t know much about your users. It can help to benchmark your user satisfaction before and after a redesign. Survey provide the most useful insights when use together with user interview and also user testing.

Click Testing

User research based on website navigation. The goal is to see where the user would first navigate to when given a scenario. This helps to evaluate if navigation design supports the users’ expectation.

This can be performed on a current website, a prototype, or even a wireframe.

Website Intercepts

Website interceptors seeks to get users’ feedback and rating when they are browsing your website or as they are leaving your website

Digital Analytics Based Research

We use tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or heatmapping tools to understand how users use and how they are abandoning your website or mobile app.

Keen on unlocking the Indonesian market with insights that are both deep and locally relevant.