UX Design Conference Events in Asia (Updated: 2022)

Jun 1, 2022 | Event

Update: due to the outbreak of Covid-19, some of the conferences might be postponed to further dates or may change to a virtual format, we will try our best to keep the info updated here.

Every year, we send our team to participate in UX Design conferences around Asia to learn and share their learnings. We even invited our clients to join some of the conferences too, and that has helped a lot for further collaborations.

No matter if you are a UX practitioner, beginner, or a corporate executive who wishes to learn more on how UX can help your business, it is a no-brainer to attend a UX conference to meet with experts, practitioners and like-minded individuals.

There is quite a number of UX conferences in U.S. and Europe, and a growing number in Asia.

Here we list down few quality UX Design conferences in Asia, as well as sharing some of our past learning.

UX Design Conferences in Asia (Updated For 2022)

8-9 Feb 2022: UX360 Research Summit 2022 (Asia Pacific) (Virtual)

16-18 Feb 2022: UX New Zealand (Virtual)

March 2022: UX DAYS TOKYO

16-18 March 2022: Design Research 2022, UX Australia (Virtual)

11-22 April 2022: UXistanbul 2022 (Virtual)

17-19 August 2022: UXDX APAC 2022 (Virtual)

23-26 August 2022: UX Australia 2022 (Virtual)

1-2 November 2022: UXSTRAT Asia (Singapore)

4-5 November 2022: UXINDIA 2022 (Hyderabad, India), from ₹8,400

8-9 November 2022: QUAL360 APAC 2022, from USD495

21-27 November 2022: IXDC 2022 (Guangzhou, China), from CNY5,000

UX Competitions/UX Awards

April 2022: Interaction Award 2022 (Virtual)

September 2022: UX Design Awards

September – October 2022: Shopee Product & Design Challenge 2022



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