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User experience (UX) research is a crucial part of any product design and enables designers to understand how users interact with their products and identify areas for improvement. However, to conduct successful UX research, it’s crucial to have the right participants who can provide valuable insights.

This is where respondent recruitment plays a crucial role.

Respondent recruitment is the process of finding and selecting the right individuals to participate in UX research studies. Recruitment methods and techniques can vary depending on the project goals and the target groups of participants. Effective recruitment strategies take into account various factors like the target participant group’s demographics, behaviour and motivation for participating in the research.

This category page provides a collection of blogs that talk about best practices for respondent recruitment for UX research. From tips on how to find and recruit the right participants, to strategies for incentivizing and retaining them, our blogs cover a wide range of topics related to respondent recruitment.

The articles under this category aim to provide you with actionable insights and tips to help you recruit the right respondents for your UX projects.

User Research Quick Tips: User Testing

User Research Quick Tips: User Testing

You understand your product more than anyone, if you already know what is the (real) problem, you probably know better than anyone else on how to fix it.  User Testing (or UX/Usability Testing) helps to uncover the problems of your product. New to user testing? These...


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