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User research methods are targeted at understanding the needs and pain points of the potential users to create effective product/website designs. It incorporates using various user research tools, templates, questions, etc, to find information that facilitates the UX design process.

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Principles of Psychology To Enhance Your User Experience Design

User experience is defined as a person's emotions and attitudes when they use a product/system/service. Understanding human behaviour is critical in addressing users' needs and providing them with a good user experience. In this article, we will look at the various...

Avoid 6 Common Mistakes Preparing for Usability Testing

Usability testing, also known as UX testing, is a popular type of user testing, and it's considered the best way to evaluate the usability of a product by testing it with real people. The valuable insights derived from usability testing aids design changes in ensuring...

Answered: Top Questions For Research Participant Recruitment

User interviews and user tests are a vital and fundamental core of UX design, it provides critical insights in guiding and validating the design process. When it comes to participant recruitment, it's so important to recruit properly to make the most of user tests and...

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) And 10 Best Practices

For the most part, UAT or user acceptance testing is considered a quality assurance step that ensures that all the buttons, visual elements, and attributes work, and there are no technical bugs in the software.  The main purpose of UAT is to check the software against...

What Is Usability Testing: A Complete Guide

In today’s ultra-competitive technological landscape, software usability is no longer a luxury, but rather a key determinant of productivity and acceptance of mobile and web applications.  Since websites and mobile applications have become the backbone of modern...