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UX design is essentially the process of creating products and services where every element works to enhance the user experience.

A UX design process involves understanding user behaviour, their needs, and issues. The information gathered is ultilized to design a product or a service that meets user expectations. The ultimate objective is to create products (websites, applications) that are easy to understand, navigate, visually appealing, and provide a positive experience to the user.

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Recent Articles

What is Data Analytics – Explained

We are in the 21st century, where data analytics is one of the most popular terminologies and is used nonchalantly across industries.  It is because a lot of decision-making has shifted from gut-based and impromptu to data-backed. It not only includes designing but...

UX Methods & Tools in Asia Survey

Ever wonder what are the research or design tools available in the market that could benefit your career in the UX industry? Yet, when you try to look around, you’re just bombarded with… So many tools, and so little time to explore. Fret not, we’ve got you covered!...

What is User Experience- A Complete Guide

Any business should aim to create products that people will love to use. To achieve this, it’s important to extensively understand customers’ problems, frustrations, and expectations. User experience has slowly transformed over the last decade from a customer-centric...

Evaluative Research: Definition, Methods, and Types of Application

Research is mission-critical to solving navigation challenges in the UX and product design world. In fact, user research helps UX designers to better understand the users beyond their own internal assumptions.  Therefore, enabling designers to put themselves in users’...

Guide to Creating User Personas for UX

A great user experience is paramount to any mobile application.  After all, nobody likes an application that is horrible to navigate, right? A deep understanding of one’s target audience is mission-critical to creating an exceptional user experience (UX).  One...