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User research methods are targeted at understanding the needs and pain points of the potential users to create effective product/website designs. It incorporates using various user research tools, templates, questions, etc, to find information that facilitates the UX design process.

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Card Sorting: How Many Test Users Is Enough?

Card Sorting: How Many Test Users Is Enough?

Card sorting is a great solution when it comes to creating a reliable information architecture. A classic mistake we make is trying to structure the information architecture based on what we think is right, but this will not be the same as how users will want it to...

UX Research Tools List For 2022

UX Research Tools List For 2022

There is an abundance of UX research tools available in the market, so much so that we spend quite a bit of time figuring out which tools are the right tools. There isn't an ultimate UX research tool, and you may even end up purchasing UX research tools that have...

Keys to Successful Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Keys to Successful Digital Transformation in Healthcare

We've explored the digital transformation of Asia's smart hospitals and digital patient trends for 2021 as part of our digital healthcare series. Now, continuing on this series, we delve into the keys to successful digital transformation in healthcare. In this series,...


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How To Use Affinity Mapping For UX Research?

Sometimes, cross-functional UX teams are required to analyse substantial amounts of research data and synthesise their findings to achieve the desired user experience outcome. One tool that helps facilitate this process is affinity mapping.  This article will delve...

What is a UX Case Study? (+5 examples)

UX designers should be able to articulate their ideas in a clear and concise manner. Creating a comprehensive UX case study for a UX design portfolio is one intuitive way to stand out from the crowd. It is straightforward to create one, but there are specific factors...

Top 12 Malaysia eCommerce Websites

eCommerce (electronic commerce) is essentially a series of activities that revolve around the buying or selling of products or services over the Internet. It is underpinned by technology-driven activities like electronic funds transfer, data interchange, transactions...